Project Lichen (working title)

2018 - work in progress / video stills

Project Lichen is a film poem on landscape and time, surveying the Norwegian coastline of the Barents Sea.

It consists of twelve chapters, each on its own set of interconnected places and themes, shot with long static frames fixed on the narrow sections of the landscape, and accompanied by spoken verse where the subjective experience of being in the land overlaps with geological and non-human time.
The locations are places along the edges of structured land — roads, farms, national borders, the local fishing and mining industry, archeological sites and natural preserves. Shot over three months, it encompasses the entire season change from early fall to almost the beginning of the polar night.

The production of the film was supported by Kulturrådet Grant from the Arts Council of Norway.

Part 1 / 12 — the iron mines near Kirkenes and Bjørnevatn

Part 2 / 12 — the bays of Vadsø, Bugøynes and Nesseby kirke

Part 3 / 12 — the plateaus near Njukčajávri

Part 4 / 12 — the sites of reindeer herding near Færdesmyra and Rovvejávri

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