[69.621277, 23.537723]

2017 - 2018 | Ink, graphite and watercolor on paper,
artist books, gelatin silver prints, drawing wood sticks, wood rails.
Overall dimensions: ≈ 8'x 14'

The title of the project comes from the coordinates of a high point on a tundra plateau in Finnmarksvidda, Norway, where I spent a week in January 2017 during the last days of the polar night.

The project was realized with the support from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.
While on site, I made ink drawings on rolled and folded sheets of the paper, attempting to capture the temporal phenomena of the place: changes in the wind, temperature, lighting conditions and visibility of the land. My attention to time was a response to the uniformity of the snow-covered plateau, partially in contrast with my existing conception of duration and landscape.
The project resulted in a large installation of drawings, film photographs, silver prints and two artist books, and includes the local rocks used to weigh down the paper, and the pieces of broken birch used as quills.

1/3: On site

2/3: Site-reading

(...) Let the mouse run over the stone. Count only its every step.
Only forget the word every, only forget the word step.

— Alexander Vvedensky

— graphite lines
— number zero
— distance between points
— monochrome
— wind
— slow waves
— cavity
— sealed sounds

3/3: Instalattion views