Wild Grasses (on the way to a bus stop)


Ink on paper.
8 scrolls, 11.5'' x 98'' each.

Living in the suburbia of a city, I got interested in weeds growing along the way to the bus stop. At the time they were dried and covered with snow caps. Drawing and photographing them, I thought of it as making portraits of the plants whose names and lives I didn't know.

The uncultivated wild plants have been playing roles in history through the most diverse areas such as national identity, colonialism, gardening and the standards of “beauty”, medicine, spiritual practices, and ecology.

on the way to a bus stop

Browsing through images of sounds. Ten minutes on the sidewalk — knapweed and white stucco wall. Do you remember the first time you tried to swim? A dust storm is swirling up in a beam of light in a museum setup of a dark room. How difficult would it be to divide a moment into the smallest parts? The cells might not have consciousness, but they must have memory. Segments of recognition. The plants sense presence through the changing in lights and shadows.