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Vika Adutova - Tundra - All

[69 37 19 59; 23 32 22 34]

Dimensions variable ( ≈ 8 x 3 m)

The outcome of a yearlong research project — a collection of ink and watercolor drawings, gelatin silver prints, artist's books, poems, made as an effort to rewrite being-living-acting with a site.

It is the result of the process of constant translation of one perceptive form into another — color to text, sound to line, movement to brushstroke. Thinking about the metabolism of the site and psychology of "intra-action", I mapped the various routes of attention with: Time-scores, recordings of documented attention to things and beings in the context of passing time; Wind drawings following the recorded sounds of the wind; Poems that followed the misleading sight of the photographs and vision; The performative field-drawing on the long scrolls of paper; Drawings of fragments, textures and colors.

Rewriting, reformulating the whole experience, I splintered it into smaller parts as if in a limbic system and then put it all together again.

a verb - To See

Poetry book, 20 x 20cm, 13 pages.

This is a short book of poems with improvised vocal notations, written in English, but using occasional words in Russian.

Time Scores [69 37 19 59; 23 32 22 34; VII, IX]

Accordion books in a sleeve envelope, pigment print on archival paper
Edition of 4, plus artist's proof
Each edition includes 2 books: 10 pages each, 20 x 20.5 cm

Printed as one-to-one edition of the original drawings journal, the book consist of temporal impressions of the Norwegian tundra. The original drawings were created outside in the Arctic plateau with ink and sharpened branch sticks.

Wind Drawings I [69 37 19 59; 23 32 22 34; IV]

Ink and pencil on paper
Four drawings, 52 x 65 cm each

The drawings made after a sound recording of the wind,
captured during the field work in the Arctic.